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In the post-World War 2 era and well into late the 1980s, a not-so-seldom means of publication in comics business in Turkey, especially with regards to low budget publishers, was printing the Turkish editions from black & white copies traced by Turkish illustrators on to transparent sheets from the pages of color comics bought from stores selling imported publications. In 1960, Bilgi Yayınları [Bilgi Publications] began publishing the weekly Küçük Prens comics featuring traced editions of 'Johan et Pirlouit'. Over the decades, ownership of Küçük Prens passed into several different publishers reprinting the same old traced editions from the early 1960s. 'La Flûte à six trous/schtroumpfs' where the Smurfs had originally debutted as side-characters was one of the 12 'Johan et Pirlouit' adventures which were presented to Turkish readers in traced editions in Küçük Prens. However, the Smurfs are almost entirely missing from 'Sihirli Flüt [the Enchanted Flute], the Turkish traced edition of this adventure!...
The first-ever pseudo-appearance of a smurf as a pair of mysterious eyes has made it into the traced Turkish edition allright, but that's all:

The second half-hidden appearance of smurfs in pages 20-21 of the original version has been omitted, as are all subsequent appearances, totaling more than 16 pages of the total 60 pages of the original edition. The plot -and one panel- has been revised so that Hamuryutan [Homnibus] himself provides an enchanted flute to Küçük Prens and Afacan [Johan and Pirlouit] rather than sending them away to the Smurfs to get one from them:
Hence, Johan and Pirlouit's all encounters with the Smurfs are entirely omitted and one panel, from page 49 of the original edition, where the smurfs make a slight appearance has been revised to remove them:
Since the smurfs are not available, does Afacan get to keep the flute at the end of this version? No such luck for him as the adventure ends with Küçük Prens saying they should throw it to the sea...

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