Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Shortly after the Smurfs had their own first adventure in a supplement of Spirou in 1959, they re-appeared in a new adventure of Johan and Pirlouit serialized in Spirou. The smurfs' appearance in 'Le Guerre des 7 fontaines [The War of 7 Seven Fountains]' is relatively brief, taking up four pages. Johan and Pirlouit are trying to lift an old witch's curse which had dried up the fountains in a once prosperous region and, by chance, they meet Papa Smurf who helps them by bringing forth a special forked stick which can locate underground water sources:
Like the other 'Johan et Pirlouit' adventures from those years, 'Le Guerre des 7 fontaines' was serialized in Turkey in the weekly Küçük Prens in a traced, black & white edition and the smurfs' appearance was not omitted for abridgement purposes this time, as it had been in the case of the Turkish edition of 'La flute a six trous' where the Smurfs had first debutted.
Next up in this blog will be the debut of Gargamel, so stay tuned..

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